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Motivation and Job Satisfaction

There are a wide variety of motivation at work and job satisfaction theories. This section will provide a simple overview of the most popular theories and some extra reading.

From a managers or supervisors perspective motivation is

the controlling of the work environment in such a way as to encourage desired behaviours and performance from employees’

From an organisational point of view the purpose of studying motivation is to better understand and manage those forces that are both external and internal to employees, that lead to some employees applying minimal effort and other to expand greater effort and enthusiasm

Showing your employees that you are willing to recognize their accomplishments and hard work is undoubtedly the simplest and least costly methods of employee motivation.  There are many ways to convey this to your employees.  Token gifts, Employee of the month awards, or a pat on the back, all show how much you appreciate them.  As you increase your employee's sense of pride and accomplishment he or she feels better about their job and in the end are more productive. 

There are a number of very simple and cost effective methods for increasing employee motivation. Click on the link below to view an interaction of these methods.

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